Fitting Instructions

How to fit our Vinyl Decals

The most important part of fitting a Vinyl Decal is the preparation of the surface it is going to be placed upon. Make sure the surface is clean and dry.

The Vinyl decal is in 3 parts, the backing paper, the cut vinyl and then either a clear or paper tape over the top. Exactly the same for both Standard and reverse cut.

To start, slowly peel the backing paper away from the cut vinyl and cover tape taking your time to make sure all elements of the design stay attached to the cover tape / paper.

Once you have the backing tape removed successfully, bend the cover tape so that both edges are forward and the middle is at the back, place the decal where you want it to go and slowly lay down the 2 outside edges.

With a credit / store card rub over the cover tape from the center of the decal to the outside pushing out any air bubbles and making sure that all elements of the decal have been rubbed across in all directions.

When you are happy slowly peel the cover tape away making sure all elements of the design stay on the surface, if any appear to be coming away then rub over them again.