About Silverback Stickers

Rebuilt a scrapped Print and Cut machine – Silverback Stickers was born.

I came across a Roland SP 300 Printer that was dead, it was being scrapped, unused for 5 years, left with ink in that had all dried in the heads and the lines, I decided I was going to try and get the machine up and running because I love fixing things.

It took me about 6 weeks to strip it, get all the bits, clean everything, soak the heads and free everything up before starting reassembly. Once back together one head would print but the black was dead. Motherboard out, I worked out a fuse had blown, bit of soldering later and the machine was back to life, few consumables and we had it printing, after a while of adjusting settings to get the print right the machine was running a+

Now what to do with it, after looking around I decided on cut vinyl decals, like the ones you see on the back of cars and vans and any kind of stickers we or our customers could think of and Silverback Stickers was born.

The name, Im a big bloke at 6ft 4in and the Wife calls me her Silverback! Made sense to us!

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How we work.

We already as a Family run a small PC, Laptop and Games Console repair business and the dream is for this to become a full time business that the Family can also run from home. We have lots of ideas on moving forward but these things obviously take time.

All of the design and production is done by Mr A before the personalised products are passed over to Mrs A who takes care of all the packaging and postage.

We can work later so most orders are leaving us the very next day and always sent to UK Customers with no charge for delivery to be with you as fast as Royal Mail first class is in your area.